About the book

It began when a fan heater for household use was installed in a train. To save space, it was taken apart and screwed into either side of a hole cut in a partition wall. Then hydraulic oil lines under 190 bars of pressure were laid right up against it. A ticking time bomb that went off with catastrophic results on November 11, 2000, killing 155 people.

During the trial, the expert witnesses asserted that the fan heater had an “error in production and construction.” The catastrophe was suddenly deemed “inevitable” and the crime scene moved to Vaihingen an der Enz in Baden-Württemberg, where the heater had been manufactured.

In 155 – The Kaprun Cover-Up, the authors draw back the curtain on these events. With painstaking attention to detail, they recall the tragic experience of the victims and their relatives and provide insights into how a Republic functions when truth does not seem to be admissible in court.

155 – The Kaprun Cover-Up, by Hubertus Godeysen and Hannes Uhl