The hydraulic oil

The fan heater transported to Vienna by fire investigators from the Ministry of the Interior was examined there in a laboratory and documented with photographs.

Overview photograph

Overview of the front of the fan heater.

Untersuchung des Heizlüfters in einem Labor der Brandermittler des Innenministeriums in Wien, wohin der Heizlüfter wenige Tage nach der Katastrophe transportiert wurde
Image: KTZ

Inside view

The open fan heater with unmistakable red residue in the area of the cable inlet, top left. The hydraulic oil on the train was red.

Image: KTZ

Red oil

Detail with red oil residue and lint from the insulation wool, which was sucked into the heater.

Foto: KTZ


Another detail: The two elongated black plastic plates were glued to the electrical system when the heater was installed, another technical manipulation of the device. These changes invalidated its safety certifications.

Image: KTZ